Free Chicago transportation

Getting Around City of Chicago

Chicago’s Transportation: Trains, Taxis, Buses & Free Trolleys Chicago has a public transportation system that makes getting around the Windy City easy. Take advantage of the public transport system or ride the seasonal free trolley. Get around the City of Chicago by taking advantage of the low-cost public transportation system. There are several ways to […]

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Chicago O’Hare Airport: History & Unusual UFO Phenomena

Has O’Hare airport been visited by UFOs? Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is well known as a travel destination, stop-over, or starting point, for vacationers and travelers from all over the world; but has it also been a destination for travelers from out-of-this-world? Learn how O’Hare airport got its name, and if the runways at O’Hare […]

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Cheap Chicago Vacation Tips for Families

Chicago with Kids Get trip advice and find cheap hotels in Chicago perfect for traveling with kids. Visit the Windy City without going broke by taking advantage of discounts and many of the city’s free and cheap offerings. The Days Inn Chicago, 644 W. Diversey Parkway, sits just a few miles north of downtown in […]

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How to Save Money on Your Trip to Chicago

Like most major cities, there are two sides to Chicago. There’s the pricey tourist side, the one designed to entice you to spend as much money as possible while you experience the “must-see” sights, and then there’s the other side – the side for the people who live and work in Chicago every day, and […]

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Ultimate Guide to Buena Park

Ultimate Guide to Buena Park Chicago

Chicago is often referred to as a “city of neighborhoods.” And what better neighborhood to start with than my current ‘hood: Buena Park. Buena Park is actually a sub-neighborhood of the greater Uptown neighborhood, or what is termed by Chicago as the Uptown “community area” and is located in the southeastern portion of Uptown. Buena […]

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chicago like and dislikes

Introduction to Chicago : 18 Things We Love and 7 We Don’t

Sweet home, Chicago. As an eight-year resident of this enigmatic city, we have had quite a tumultuous relationship. Cyclically, I am flooded with feelings of love, hate, joy, anger, contentment, and disdain (sometimes in the same day). Unsurprisingly, these roller coasters of emotion typically coincide with the seasons. No, I’m not bipolar: I live in […]

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History of Chicago

History of Chicago make the city come alive!

The history of Chicago, really makes this interesting city come to life. I love this city there are so many fun and interesting things to do, day or night the fun is endless. You may be wondering just where all this came from and how did this thriving metropolis become such an epicenter of so […]

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Chicago Beaches

Chicago Beaches, beautiful, and fun!

Chicago Beaches the perfect place to relax on a Chicago vacation! You have a number of beaches to choose from depending on what you want your experience to be. I personally love North beach Lots of fun in the sun, people watching, athlete watching, it’s just an all-around good time. But this may not be […]

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Chicago blues music

Chicago blues clubs, rich, soulful and funky

Chicago blues clubs are steeped in history in the Windy City. The culture of blues stared with the great migration north, as did Jazz, although where exactly the blues music started in the north is still a bit of a mystery. A bit of history The first recordings of this music were in the early […]

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Chicago architecture

Chicago architecture, simply mesmerizing!

Chicago architecture One of the most distinct characteristics of Chicago is the city-scape of beautiful buildings. These buildings are at the heart of the beauty of the city. The ironic thing was that the decision to have beautiful buildings actually came about after the Chicago Fire of 1871, with the legendary story of Mrs. O’Leary’s […]

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